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PT Dirgantara Indonesia (PTDI) is one of the indigenous aerospace companies in Asia with core competence in aircraft design and development, aircraft structure manufacturing, aircraft assembly, and aircraft services for both civilian and military of light and medium aircraft. Since being established in 1976 as a state owned company in Bandung, Indonesia, PT Dirgantara Indonesia has successfully explored its ability as aerospace industry. In the field of aircraft manufacturing, PTDI has been producing various types of aircraft, such as CN235 under TC (Type Certificate) for civil or military transport, maritime patrol, surveillance, and coast guard.

Under Strategic Collaboration Agreement with Airbus Defence and Space, PTDI produces NC212i (the improved version of C212-400) and as components supplier, light final assembly and delivery center of CN295. PTDI has delivered over 362 aircrafts to 49 operators.

Besides fixed wing aircraft, PTDI also produce various types of helicopter, such as NAS-332 C1, AS725-Cougar, AS365N3+ - Dauphin under licence from Airbus Helicopters and BELL-412 EP under license from Bell Textron, and manufacture aircraft component, tools, and fixtures for Airbus A320/321/330/340/350/380, for MK2 and EC725 of Airbus Helicopters, also for CN235 and C295 of Airbus Defence and Space.

Aircraft Services Business Unit provides maintenance, overhaul, repair, alteration, and logistic support for CN235, NC-212-100/200/400, NC212i, Bell412, BO-105, NAS332 Super Puma, B737-200/300/400/500, A320, Fokker 100 and Fokker 27.

The New Development Project N219 Aircraft

Indonesia is an archipelagic country with a total of more than 17,000 islands, large and small islands. Thousands of peoples live in many villages on mountainous environment among some very tall mountains such as in Papua and West Papua provinces. Air transport is the only mode of transport used by the villagers to go to other places, the government subsidizes the flight operation that called Penerbangan Perintis or pioneer flight. To provide such flight operations, it is required a robust aircraft that meet the operation requirements in such critical environment. The N219 is designed to meet the needs for the pioneer flight of extreme geographical characteristics, where the majority of airfields are very short airstrip, unpaved runway and are located at high altitude areas. N219 will be the most suitable mode of transport to open isolated areas, improve people economy growth as well as to maintain defense and security.

N219 is a new generation multi-purpose aircraft, which is being designed to have capacity of 19 passengers with the largest cabin cross section in its class, proven - high populated and efficient engine, advance avionics suite, fixed tri cycle landing gear, wide cargo door for multi role capability and quick change configuration. N219 provide advantage to the operator in term of both technical and operating cost.

N219 can be fitted with appropriate equipment to fulfill various mission operations such as , Troop Transport, VIP Transport, Cargo Transport, Surveillance and Search & Rescue or medical evacuation.

The progress of N219 project has reach the stage of detail part manufacturing process marked by the inaugration of the first cutting ceremony at production line. N219 is planned to be roll out in mid of 2015 and getting certification in yearly 2016.