NC212 Family

The main program of PTDI in 1976 was to manufacture the under licensed NC212-200 from CASA, Spain. As many as 103 NC212-200s of civilian and military versions had been produced by PTDI. Between 2004 - 2008, all necessary jigs and fixture for NC212-400 have been relocated to Bandung from San Pablo, Spain. PTDI became the single source producer of NC212 family. Since 2014, PTDI has no longer produced the NC212-200 and NC212-400, and has upgraded the aircraft into a more advanced NC212i version.


NC212i, the improved version of NC212-400, provides high performance and versatility to answer variety of mission requirements in extremely demanding environment. Design simplicity, easy for maintenance, and lowest life cycle cost are the key points for this successful light transport aircraft.