( H215, H225M, H225 VIP )

Six years after the estabilishment of IPTN in 1976, 11 helicopters under-licensed Puma NSA330s from French Sud-Aeronautique were produced and delivered to Indonesian Air Forces.

At the same year, IPTN started producing 20 units of under-licensed Super Puma NAS332s from French Aerospatiale (now Airbus Helicopter) mostly for Indonesian Air Forces.

With continuous improvement and evolution in technology, PTDI and Airbus Helicopter embark in industrial collaboration in producing the latest version of Super Puma Family, i.e. H215, H225 (EC225), and H225M (EC725). PTDI is also supplying tailboom and fuselage for the MKII+ Super Puma Family (EC225 and EC725).


[Heavy Class Helicopters]

Hummanitarian Assistance Helicopter

The H215 is a medium-weight, twin engine helicopter with outstanding performance in the well-known Super-Puma/Cougar family. This powerful and fast Super Puma with long-range capabilities has a very large useful cabin volume that can be utilized for equipment and emergency humanitarian aid.

H225M (EC725)

[Heavy Class, Combat SAR Helicopters]
The combat proven multi - role helicopter. This 11-ton, twin engine aircraft has performed combat missions worldwide, including in Afghanistan, Mali and Libya. The EC725 is the latest evolution of the proven cougar family and is capable pf operating both from ships and onshore. It is truly versatile asset for all military missions.

H225 (EC225)

[VVIP/VIP Helicopters]
The Super Puma / Cougar family of VVIP/VIP aircraft is a reamrkable helicopter such that 31 states worldwide have used more than 160 helicopters of this family to transport their dignitaries.