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27 Desember 2012 | 08:14

Jakarta – Indonesian Aerospace (Iae) strengthens business partnership with Airbus Military through a variety of programs including the joint production of aircraft based on the long-term agreement between the two companies. "We are determined to strengthening business partnership with Airbus Military. This is related to the joint production of C212-400 and C295 aircraft, "said Sonny Ibrahim Saleh, Assistant to IAe President Director for Quality Control /for Corporate Communications, in Bandung, Wednesday.

Speaking to the media in the explanation of the company year-end evaluation, Sonny said IAe and Airbus Military has signed an agreement with Airbus Military C212 l-400 upgraded version as a long-term follow-up agreement. Sonny said IAe and Airbus Military (formerly EADS-CASA)have a long history together. The cooperation initiated in the late ‘70s when IAe then was called Industri Pesawat Terbang Nurtanio (IPTN) started to manufacture and assemble as well as deliver the C212 for Airbus Military. The cooperation has intensified ever since and the two companies jointly designed the CN235 and IAe currently produces, assembles and markets the well known CN235 in the region.

In addition, Airbus Military is currently transferring the full final assembly of the C212 aircraft to the IAe facilities in Bandung. Based on this successful relationship a new cooperation agreement aiming at revitalizing IAe was signed begin October this year. This agreement, which has the full support of the Indonesian government, allows IAe to restructure its activities and prepare itself to become a tier-1 supplier for the aerospace industry at an international level. The first steps of the plan have already started.

Teams of Airbus Military specialists in different areas such as production, processes, manufacturing and information technology are already working with their IAe counterparts. As indicated upon the signature of the agreement in October this year, this revitalization includes the participation of IAe in the production of the successful C295 (in addition to the current work on the C212 and CN235) with an important workshare package to start with.

With increased sales and a successful restructuring of IAe, the plan foresees the creation of a final assembly line for the C295 in Bandung to market and fulfill national and regional market demand.  It also foresees possible cooperation on other products in the future. But to build and assemble a C295 in its entirety, IAe and the supplier base have to be ready and compliant with C295 production and quality requirements as a full aircraft assembly line. This is the objective of all involved but it will take a certain time.

It will open up a whole new market, create new jobs and position the industry internationally, but still it requires a certain period of time to respond to C295 high requirements of production and quality. “IAe and Airbus Military are committed to making this happen. We are in the process of establishing a long term alliance with the objective to grow together in the Asian market. We have a common plan and vision, Indonesian engineers and other high skilled people at work,a future for an aerospace here and beyond in the region," Sonny concluded.