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21 Nopember 2011 | 07:22

At 14:00 hours on October 26, 2011 ago after a visit by President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono, has signed an extension agreement financing facility (old) in the form of Bank Guarantee / Stand By Letter Of Credit and Security Suspension of Import and financing facilities agreement (new) in the form of Working Capital Credit, Bank Guarantee / Stand By Letter Of Credit, Import Suspension Guarantee and Trust Receipt between PTDI with BRI to support the sale of Bell 412EP helicopters for the Army assault helicopters and transport helicopters and Navy tactical NAS332 Super Puma transport to the Air Force in 2011. The signing of the Agreement shall be conducted by Mr. Budiman Saleh concurrently as Director of Aircraft Integration PTDI Finance Director and Mr. Sham Asmawi as a Director of Business BRI.

Provision of facilities funding from BRI is very meaningful to PTDI which is currently difficult to get working capital to be able to produce a helicopter which has been ordered Army, Navy and Air Force are.

Meanwhile, on October 27, 2011, PTDI has also signed a General Terms Agreement (General Terms Agreement) regarding the procurement of fleet maintenance services A320 owned by Air Asia Indonesia for 5 years. Air Asia Indonesia trust to take care of its planes in Bandung PTDI is a testament to determination, skills & experience in the PTDI employees doing similar work before. Air Asia Indonesia is one airline that has decided to use only one type of aircraft in its fleet, the Airbus A 320, except for flights over 6 hours. Currently Air Asia to fly 16 A 320 and in the next 2 years into account increased to 35 aircraft. Large enough quantities to be income for the ACS - PTDI. The plan maintained the aircraft will begin in full in ACS ACS PTDI PTDI after getting Approval EASA 2012.