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16 Pebruari 2012 | 15:15

Airbus Military has signed today a firm contract with PT Dirgantara Indonesia (PT DI) to supply nine CN295 military transport aircraft for delivery to the Indonesian Ministry of Defense. The contract between PT DI and the Ministry of Defense of Indonesia was signed simultaneously by Minister of Defense Prof. Dr. Ir. Purnomo Yusgiantoro at a ceremony at the Singapore Airshow.   The aircraft will be operated by the Indonesian Air Force throughout the vast territory of Indonesia, which includes around 17.000 islands. The aircraft will support of a variety of missions including military, logistical, humanitarian and medical evacuation missions.

The first delivery is foreseen to start in 2012 and by summer 2014 all aircraft will have been delivered.   Additionally, the plan foresees a substantial industrial collaboration between PT DI and Airbus Military for the CN295 program.   “This is a proud moment for our country as well as for the Indonesian aerospace industry. The CN295 provides the ideal capacity to respond to Indonesia's current and future military and humanitarian transport needs and does so very cost-efficiently, with full participation of the Indonesian aerospace industry, creating high skilled jobs and technology transfer,” said Purnomo Yusgiantoro, the Minister of Defence of Indonesia Republic.   “This contract builds on the long and excellent partnership that exists between Airbus Military and the Indonesian aerospace industry. It will provide our country with the right capability for the years to come and allows PT DI to grow its aerospace business as a tier 1 supplier. This will position PTDI on the global aerospace scene and allow us to develop our skills and workforce,” said Budi Santoso the President Director of PT Dirgantara Indonesia (Persero).   “Airbus Military is honored that the Indonesian Ministry of Defence has choosen the CN295 for its fleet and we look forward to continue our successful partnership with PT DI. We will ensure that we live up to this mark of confidence, which demonstrates the value that the CN295 provides to the armed forces around the world”, said Domingo Urena-Raso, President and CEO of Airbus Military.   Over 85 CN295s are in service today with 14 different operators.  

About the CN295 The new generation CN295 is the ideal aircraft for defence and civic mission to the benefit of society, such as humanitarian actions, maritime patrol, and environmental surveillance missions, amongst others. Thanks to its robustness and reliability, and with simple systems, this medium sized tactical airlifter provides wide versatility and flexibility, necessary for personnel, troop and bulky/palletized cargo transportation, medical evacuation, communication and logistic duties or paratroop air-dropping capabilities. The CN295’s excellent versatility also allows it to be configured in special versions to perform specific missions with top efficiency such as Gunship, Ground Surveillance, Search & Rescue, Maritime Patrol, Anti-Submarine Warfare, SIGINT or Airborne Early Warning.   Its mix of dual technology civil/military equipment ensure success on demanding tactical mission, growth potential for future equipment as well as compatibility with the latest civil airspace environment. CN295s in service today have accumulated more than 110,000 flying hours in the most demanding conditions, from extreme cold weather to hot desert areas. The CN295 is part of Airbus Military’s family of light and medium airlifters which also includes the smaller C212 and CN235platforms.  

About PT Dirgantara Indonesia PT Dirgantara Indonesia (PT DI) manufacturing site is in Bandung, Indonesia. The company main products are aircrafts; aircraft structure component; aircraft services; and engineering. PT DI Assembly Lines produce various types of CN235 under TC for civil / military transport, maritime patrol, surveillance, and coast guard, other than those also produce under licenses the NC212-200, NAS332 Super Puma and NBell412. PT DI has delivered over 340 aircraft to 49 civil/ military operators. PT DI Manufacture produces aircraft parts, components, tools and fixtures for A320/321/330/340/350/380 of Airbus, for MK2 and EC725 of Euro copter and for CN235, C212-400 and C295 of Airbus Military. PT DI Aircraft Services provides maintenance, overhaul, repair, alteration and logistic support for CN235, Bell412, BO-105, NC-212-100/200, NAS332 Super Puma, B737-200/300/400,/500, A320, Fokker 100, Fokker 27. PT DI Engineering provides engineering and analysis and flight simulators. PT DI is an Indonesian state owned enterprise that was established in 1976.