The well-proven CN235-220 is the lowest cost solution to meet the needs and requirements of various government and non-government organizations for the light-medium class of aircraft. CN235-220 is able to carry up to 4,700 Kg of maximum payload, or up to 36 passengers.

CN235-220 has gained vast experiences in commercial missions, civic missions, disaster relief missions, and any other non military missions. The aircraft has been used widely in daily airlift missions (schedule and non-schedule), deployment and logistic support for peacekeeping forces, and any other ‘civic’ missions for the benefit of society.

The CN235 is able to cruise at the altitude up to 25,000 ft with speed up to 237 Kts while retaining remarkable low level flight characteristics and Short Take-off and Landing (STOL) capabilities. The aircraft is powered by the latest two General Electric GE CT7-9C turboprop engines with 1,750 SHP each. In its class, the CN235-220 provides an excellent maneuverability, fast engine response, outstanding hot and high performance, low fuel consumption, and consequently a very long endurance of up to 11 hours. 

  • Medium range
  • Accommodate up to 40 passengers
  • Wide body concept and pressurized cabin
  • High wing technology for higher lift & lower drag
  • Short Take-Off and Landing (STOL) performance
  • Take-off and landing on unpaved runway
  • Easy loading and unloading through rear ramp door
  • High versatility mission and quick change configuration
  • Advanced flight deck technology
  • Robust design
  • High reliability and easy maintenance

  • Passenger Transport
  • VIP Transport
  • Cargo Transport

Max. Take Off Weight : 15,800 Kg
Max. Landing Weight : 15,600 Kg
Max. Zero Fuel Weight : 14,100 Kg
Max. Payload : 4,000 Kg
Maximum Cruise Speed : 238 Kts
Economical Speed : 207 Kts
Maximum Operational Ceiling : 25,000 ft
Range with Max. Payload of 4,000 kg* : 636 NM
Range with max. fuel* : 1,973 NM
Ferry Range* : 1,995 NM

*With 45 minutes fuel reserve, 100 NM alternate

Engine : Powered by two (2) General Electric CT7-9C with 1,750 SHP each (1,870 SHP with APR).
Propeller : Two (2) four-bladed Hamilton Standard HS 14 RF-21 propellers

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