NC212i is the improved version of C212-400 Series, provides high performance and versatility with proven experience in the most varied environment to operate in extremely demanding missions.

Simple design and maintenance, and the lowest life cycle cost are the key points of the most successful aircraft in the light transport segment.

  • New Generation of Avionic Systems that will enhance flight safety and reduce crew workload
  • The Biggest Payload in its class : 3 tons
  • The Largest Cabin Cross Section in its class
  • The biggest Cabin Volume (22.0 m3)
  • The Largest Seat Capacity (up to 28 seats)
  • Equipped with Ramp Door for easy loading and unloading
  • Capable Take-Off and Landing on unpaved runway

  • Troop/paratroop Transport
  • Maritime Surveillance Aircraft
  • Cargo/Logistic Transport
  • Medical Evacuation
  • Special Mission



Max Take Off Weight : 8,100 kg
Max Landing Weight : 8,100 kg
Maximum Payload : 3,000 kg*
Fuel Capacity : 1,560 kg

*Final Maximum Payload will depend on the final configuration selected by the customer.



Max. Cruise Speed (MTOW, ISA, 1,000ft) : 195 kts
Long Range Cruise Speed : 163 kts
Range with max. Payload(3,000 kg) : 207 NM
Range with max. Usable Fuel with 2,060 kg payload : 806 NM
Service Ceiling(All Engine Operative) : 23,000 ft
Service Ceiling(One Engine In-operative) : 7,000 ft
Long Range Fuel Flow : 647 lb/hr
Take Off Distance (to 50 ft) (MTOW, ISA, SL) : 740 m
Landing Distance (from 50 ft) (MLW, ISA, SL) : 527 m


Two Honeywell TPE-331-12JR-701C Turboprop engines with:  
> Maximum Continuous 970 SHP  
> Maximum Continuous 970 SHP  
Two four-bladed Dowty Rotol type, constant speed propeller R334/4-82-F/13 with:  
> 1,591 rpm  
> 2.75 m (110 inch) in diameter  

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