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[Light Class Helicopters]                  As part of the Ecureuil family, the AS550 C3e Fennec is Airbus Helicopter 2-ton class solution for armed scouting requirements. The rotor system permits smooth and quiet operations with being able to fly at high speed. With the characteristics of easy to fly and easy to maintain everywhere, even in the most extreme and harsh conditions, this armed scouting helicopter delivers maximum safety and performance.

With a small footprint characteristic, low detectability and equipped with Weapon System. Fennec is highly effective for all military operations. Due to its strong beams and wide range of weapon selections, the helicopter crews are able to rapidly mount and dismount the weapons.

  • Suited for high altitudes and hot climates
  • High maneuverability
  • Stable firing platform
  • Night firing capability
  • Remarkable training tool
Main Military MissionAxial ArmamentGrowth PotentialSide Weaponry

Armed Scout

7 mm Machine gun Pod

Guided rockets

62 mm side machine gun
Light Utility 20 mm Cannon Pod Air to air missile Mounted Sniper rifle
Training 70 mm Rockets    
  Air-to-Ground guided missiles


Maximum speed (Vne) : 155 Kts 287 Km/h
Fast cruise speed (at MCP)    : 138 Kts 254 Km/h
Hover ceiling IGE  : 13,200 ft 4,023 m
Hover ceiling OGE   : 11,100 ft 3,383 m
Maximum range with standard tanks, without reserve at fast cruise speed : 346 NM 641 Km
Endurance without reserver


Takeoff Power : 847 SHP 632 KW

Since 2012, PTDI has a Commercial and Industrial Agreement (CIA) with Airbus Helicopter for delivery center, customization, and customer support for AS350/550, AS355/AS555, H135/H135M, AS365/AS565, H145/H145M, and H225/H225M.

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