PTDI NC212i Aircraft Runs Ferry Flight Mission to Thailand

Bandung - The NC212i aircraft made by PT Dirgantara Indonesia (PTDI) conducted a ferry flight to Thailand. The aircraft with tail number AX-2129 departed from the PTDI hangar delivery center (DC) before taking off at Husein Sastranegara Air Base, Bandung City, Monday (1/8/2022). Eight crew members will carry out a ferry flight to Nakhon Sawan. The route is New Week, Hatyai then Nakhon Sawan Air Base Thailand on 3 August. Ferry flights are aircraft flights for the purpose of returning to base, delivery to customers, moving from one base of operations to another or moving to or from a maintenance facility for maintenance, repair and operation. PTDI's Director of Finance, Risk Management and Human Resources Wildan Arief said the plane was the third of four planes ordered by the Thai authorities. Under the contract, the fourth aircraft will be delivered in December. "This plane is the third of four planes sent to Thailand. The contract is with the Ministry of Agriculture," said Wildan after the ferry flight ceremony at PTDI's DC hangar.

Quoted from the PTDI page, the NC212i is a developed version of the C212-400 series, offering high performance with various configurations that have proven to be tough to use in various types of environments and different missions. With a simple design for the maintenance process, this aircraft is efficient in operating and maintenance costs which makes it the best aircraft in the light aircraft segment. "This type of NC212i specifically has very diverse capabilities. This type is troop transport, to transport troops, transport crews but can be modified for rain making in terms of the size of the aircraft and the capability to transport this is ideal for Thailand," he said. In the future, PTDI will offer another type of aircraft for Thailand, namely the N219. The aircraft, named Nurtanio, has a slimmer shape, but has high mobility. "There is a possibility for another aircraft in Thailand, namely the N219, the aircraft is smaller, lighter and hopefully this is also the next contract," he said. Apart from Thailand, PTDI is also working on finalizing the contract for six aircraft to the Philippines. "PTDI's footprint is spread globally because it not only sells aircraft but also delivers to service, spare parts. So our factory here is quite complete, not only making aircraft but also aircraft parts," he said.

NC212i Aircraft Specifications: Engines: two Honeywell TPE-331-12JR-701C Turboprop engines with two four-blade Dowty Rotol propellers Cockpit: full glass cockpit, advanced and modern avionics system, autopilot Fixed landing gear, high wing configuration Maximum takeoff weight: 8,100 kilograms Maximum landing weight: 8,100 kilograms Carrying capacity: up to 28 seats Take off and land with unpaved runway capabilities Equipped with ramp doors for easy loading and unloading Uses: passenger transport, VIP, military transport, paratroopers, medical evacuation, cargo and more.

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