PTDI Submits 5 Panther Helicopters and 1 CN235 MPA for Indonesian Navy TNI AL

PT Dirgantara Indonesia (PTDI) handed over five AS565 MBe Panther anti-diving helicopters and one CN-235-220 Maritime Patrol Aircraft (MPA) unit to the Indonesian Ministry of Defense (Kemhan) for submission to TNI AL. The aircraft handover ceremony was held at the KP Rotary Wing II PTDI in Bandung, Thursday (1/24/2019).

Submission of CN235-220 MPA serial number N067 based on Contract of Sale No. TRAK / 19 / PLN / I / 2013 / AL dated 7 January 2013 between the Ministry of Defense and PTDI. This aircraft has been contractually handed over to the Ministry of Defense / TNI AL in September 2018.

Previously, in January 2018, PTDI had handed over one unit of the CN235-220 MPA with the serial number N066 under the same contract.

While the five helicopters delivered in this time, consist of serial numbers 7021, 7402, 7403, 7406, and 7047. The five helicopters are part of the 11-unit Heli AKS Contract under the Sale and Purchase Contract No. TRAK / 979 / PLN / IX / 2014 / AL dated 30 September 2014 between the Ministry of Defense and PTDI.

Contractually, the helicopter has also been delivered in stages in June 2018 for serial numbers 7021 and 7043 and in November 2018 for serial numbers 7042, 7046 and 7047.

Previously, in September 2017, PTDI had handed over two Heli AKS. Namely in January 2018 as many as two units, and in February 2018 as many as one unit.

Thus, One of the PTDI’s delegation said to the media, PTDI had handed over 10 AKS Heli units to the Ministry of Defense/ TNI AL.

One of AKS Heli unit that has been delivered to the TNI AL and will be sent back to PTDI for the installation of a full AKS configuration. While the rest, one of AKS Heli unit with full AKS configuration is still in PTDI. Then, the two helicopters will be handed over by PTDI this year.

PTDI explained, CN235-220 MPA can be used for various types of missions. Such as border patrol and Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ), surveillance of fishing and sea pollution, supervision of immigration and human trafficking, smuggling of drugs and illegal goods, and search and rescue of disaster victims.

CN235-220 MPA has several privileges. Among others, can take off with a short distance and with the runway conditions that have not been asphalted or grassy, capable of flying for 10-11 hours, equipped with glass cockpit avionics, autopilot, and winglets on the wing so that the aircraft is more stable and fuel efficient.

The aircraft also features two consoles, the radar 360o with small target detection capabilities of up to 200 nautical miles and Automatic Identification System (AIS), are an automatic tracking system to identify ships.

There is also a tool for Identification Friend or Foe (IFF), Interrogator, and Tactical Computer System. The identification system is designed to find out the opponent's aircraft or friends and is integrated into a computer system to analyze and determine the operating strategy.

CN235-220 MPA is also equipped with Forward Looking Infra Red (FLIR) to detect and classify targets and it is able to record situations around the flying area for mission evaluation.

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