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CN235-220 MPA, The Most Advanced Maritime Patrol Aircraft Gen 3 of Naval Air Squadron 800

Naval Air Squadron 800 has recieved another Maritime Patrol Aircraft MPA version of CN235 series 220 from PT Dirgantara Indonesia PTDI in Bandung. The last handover (P-865) from five units aircraft ordered was held in the same time with the submission of five units AS565 MBe Panther helicopters for Naval Air Squadron 400 in January 24, 2019.

Sobat AR, CN235-220 MPA is the third generation of Maritime Patrol Aircraft (Fixed Wing) that is operated by Naval Air Squadron 800/Maritime Patrol. This squadron is based on Lanudal Juanda, Sidoarjo, East Java.

The first generation of Maritime Patrol Aircraft is being operated by the Squadron which established on July  28th , 1976, the Nomad N22/N24 Search Master aircraft was made by GAF, Australia.

Furthermore, the second generation of this Maritime Patrol Aircraft which owned by this Squadron was made by PTDI, the NC212-200 MPA, three units.

Initially, this NC212 MPA is a versatile transport version of the Air Squadron 600/Tactical Transport.  Then this aircraft was modified by PTDI in 2005-2007. The main alteration was seen on the thrust of NC212 MPA, there is Ocean Master Surveillance (OMS) radar embedded made by Thales, France.

Compared to NC212 MPA, the CN235 MPA is the most advance aircraft that is currently being operated by the Air Squadron 800 (On the other side), having much better performance than its former, the surveillance and observation devices are also more qualified.

The last two of five CN235 MPA of Air Squadron 800 were equipped with the Star Safire 380HD Forward Looking Infra Red (FLIR) hanging under its thrust.

Then, the AN/APS-143C(V)3 Ocean Eye radar was made by Raytheon, United States. The radar was planted in the fuselage of this CN235, which has a capability in detecting objects above sea level up to a distance of 200 nautical miles. This aircraft also equipped with Identification Friend of Foe (IFF) device.

Sobat AR, Currently these two aircrafts, the NC212-220 MPA and CN235-220 MPA made by PTDI, are having a role as backbone of “Sang Burung Camar”, to monitor and guard Indonesian sea from above.

While the MPA Nomad N22/N24 Search Master aircraft has been dismissed due to scarcity of spareparts.

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