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PTDI Needs $119 Million to Improve N219 Aircraft Production - PTDI (PT Dirgantara Indonesia) is currently examining the alternative external funding which prioritize equity. Based on that plan, this national aircraft producer is reviewing the chance of publishing pepertual bond securities nor to raise funding from investment contract of collective-fund real estate investment (KIK-DIRE).

The President Director of PTDI, Elfien Goentoro, said that currently reviewing and discussing about alternative funding with Badan Perencanaan Pembangunan Nasional (Bappenas), because corporation currently needs fund in amount of US$ 199 million to support the expansion of aircraft N219 production facility.

“KIK-DIRE nor pepertual bond are instruments or funding source which devoloped by company. Furthermore, the corporation have not decide it yet.” said Elfien in Jakarta, Tuesday (12/2).

PTDI still discussing  the plan of external funding regarding equity with Bappenas for further discussion in time. “In 2 weeks, we will back to discuss it,” he said.

This external funding hopefully can be approved since corporation needs to improve production capacity of N219 aircraft which has high demand.

“The demand is currently arise, from Singapore, Uni Emirates of Arabian, Africa, and Latin America for example,” said Elfien.

Previously, CEO of Pembiayaan Investasi Non-Anggaran (PINA) Bappenas Ekoputro Adijayanto said his member support the publishment of alternative investment instrument to push SOE (State-owned Enterprises) project or private company. So, the party also coordinates with OJK (Otoritas Jasa Keuangan) about it.

One of SOE which willing to fund the expansion from alternative investment instrument, or DIRE is PTDI.

“PTDI wants to look for funding from DIRE, which the basic asset is factory-owned,” He explained.

Subsequently, he tells the factory expansion project which planned by PTDI considered as one of PINA pipeline project in January 2019. According to him, so far PTDI and PINA team still review the potential fund that can be acquired through DIRE.

The review also related with primary asset to be used.

“We would like to emphasize, DIRE instrument is not only limited for housing asset. In the other side, overseas, every asset that is on land can be claimed as primary asset from DIRE,” said Ekoputro.

He said, the plan of collecting fund from DIRE instrument is part of PTDI strategy to fund the factory expansion. The company wants to improve production capacity, especially for aircraft N219.

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