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N219 Aircraft Complete Flight Hours Before Mass Production

Pioneer N219 aircraft that is developed by PT Dirgantara Indonesia (DI) with Lembaga Penerbangan dan Antariksa Nasional (Lapan) still completes flight hours to get certification before mass production for transportation needs in Indonesia.  "We still need to add flight hours, hopefully this year will be completed," said Director General of Strengthening Research and Development of Kemenristekdikti, Dimyati in Jakarta on Wednesday, after press conference a pre-organizing National Expo for Science And Technology (NEST).

At that moment, he said that PTDI continues to develop domestic-made aircraft technology so that it can be used on land and in waters with amphibian types.  "At this time this aircraft can only be used in a field with a short distance, but in the future it can also be in the water," he said.  If it is successful, then the domestic-made aircraft will be used as supporting tourism until isolated areas while transporting goods and services.

He explained that the concept of the pioneer amphibious type aircraft was also motivated by discussions with BJ Habibie who wanted all isolated areas to be reached.  That concept refers to the geographical state of Indonesia which has small islands with densely populated populations.  If you rely on ship transportation, it takes a long time.

Therefore, came the concept of making small planes that do not require extensive fields or airports as in general.  "Then amphibious model aircrafts are also needed to reach small islands that have many mountains so they can only be traversed by waterways," he said.  He hoped that if the N219 pioneer aircraft could be commercialized, inter-island communication in Indonesia could be more smoothly so it  encourages an increase in the national economy.

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