PTDI targets the contract of aircraft and helicopter, worth US$283.04 million in 2019

JAKARTA. PT Dirgantara Indonesia (PTDI) targets the acquisition of aircraft and helicopter purchase contracts worth US $ 283.04 million throughout 2019.

According to the Commercial Director of PTDI Ade Yuyu Wahyuna, the contract for purchasing aircraft and helicopters consist of five contracts, from domestic and abroad. For domestic, PTDI is pursuing a contract of two VIP H225M helicopters from the Air Force (AU). for foreign targets, PTDI is pursuing four purchase contracts with details; one CN235 Military Transport aircraft for Nepali Army, six NC212i aircraft units Military Transport for Department of National Defense Philippines, CN235 Military Transport aircraft for Royal ThaiPolice and Bell 412 EPI Helicopters for Philippines Fire Fighting.

While PTDI is pursuing the five contracts, PTDI also plans to target the African market, including Pantai Gading and Senegal, and Timor Leste. To pursue this target, PTDI will make some efforts such as to attract new customers, provide a scheme of buyer 's credit for target markets abroad, increase customer satisfaction, and make internal improvements. In attracting new customers, PTDI has collaborated with the Indonesian Embassy and Defense Attaches in various countries, including countries in the Latin America, Africa and Asia Pacific regions to promote PTDI products.

In providing a scheme of buyer’s credit, PTDI cooperates with the Lembaga Pembiayaan Ekspor Indonesia (LPEI) to increase the volume of exports to some targeted countries. The total revenue that obtained by PTDI comes from several business lines, such as the business of aircraft sales and helicopters (aircraft), engineering services, aircraft services, aerostructure business, and comes from subsidiaries.

Previously, PTDI had recorded contract acquisition value of US $ 79.6 million in the first semester of 2019. This value grew by 119.88% if we compared to the value of the first semester 2018 contract which reached US $ 36.2 million. This contract consists of contracts for aircraft and helicopters, and also the contracts for aerospace portfolios, engineering services, aircraft services, and subsidiaries.

Director of Commerce PTDI Ade Yuyu Wahyuna said the growth in contract value in the first semester of 2019 was driven by significant growth in obtaining aircraft services contracts by 114%, subsidiaries by 40%, and engineering services by 14%. In more detail, Ade said, the largest contribution of PTDI's revenue in the first semester in 2019 came from the business of selling aircraft and helicopters with a contribution of 63.41%, and aircraft services by 20%. Also the remaining 16.59% of the revenue is obtained from the aerostructure, engineering services, and others.

Reporter   : Muhammad Julian
Editor       : Komarul Hidayat
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