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This is the First Appearance of PTDI"s CN235 FTB - Welcoming its 43rd birthday on 23 August 2019, PT Dirgantara Indonesia (PTDI) is preparing for the inaugural flight of the CN235 FTB (Flying Test Bed).

One of the last preparations made is undergoing swing compass activities on Friday (2/8/2019).

In the photo obtained by the editor of Airspace Review (AR) from PTDI Public Relations, the CN235 FTB airplane uses a white base livery and gets red graphics like the feathers of Garuda's wings.
On the upright fin of the tail, a large PTDI logo is attached.  Overall the appearance of CN235 FTB looks unsightly.

Regarding the existence of the CN235 FTB, Kerry Apriawan, S.I.  Kom., Who now serves as Assistant Manager of External Communication of PTDI said to AR that the CN235 FTB is still a basic aircraft.

This CN235 FTB works for five things.  First as aircraft development, then crew development, training, system development and the last is for promotional purposes.

For the last two points, as known PTDI is planning the development of the CN235 Gunship variant or armed aircraft.  "Well, this process is part of the system development," he said.

The presence of the CN235 FTB is also needed by PTDI as a direct promotional aircraft. The example is used for demonstration of skill in aerospace exhibitions both locally and internationally.

The CN235 FTB built based on the latest CN235 variant known as the 220 series. This aircraft has implemented winglets on the wingtips which makes it more economical to consume fuel.

The pacemaker also uses the more powerful General Electric CT7-9C3 turboprop engine.  Replaces the old model CT7-7A model used on CN235-110.

For the performance, CN235-220 can be driven up to 450 km/h at cruise speeds.  The maximum flight height is 7.620 m and the operating range is around 4.355 km.

Entering its ripe age, PTDI is increasingly active in gaining new markets for its products.  Throughout 2019, this red plate aircraft factory has targeted the acquisition of contracts worth 283.04 million US dollars.

There are four foreign contracts currently being pursued by PTDI.  The details are CN235 sales to Nepal and Thailand and NC212i and Bell 412 EPI to the Philippines.

Meanwhile for domestic needs, namely the procurement of VIP H225M helicopters for the Indonesian Air Force (TNI AU).

Writer: Rangga Baswara Sawiyya

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