Day 7 Searching for KM Pieces Victims, Indonesian Navy Deploys Advanced Aircraft

The search for KM Pieces victims who sank in the waters of Tanjung Selatan, South Kalimantan, has entered the 7th day or the deadline for the search.

However, until now there are still 30 victims who have not been found. the search using 9 marine fleets deployed by the National SAR Agency (Basarnas) has not yet yielded maximum results.

To maximize the search on the last day, Basarnas hopes a lot on the well-known marine patrol aircraft owned by the Navy, the CN 235 aircraft.

"This aircraft is extraordinary, the best at this time. It is very effective for searches at sea and for SAR," said Marine Lieutenant Colonel (P) Bambang Edi Saputro as Deputy Commander of the Wing Air 1 Tanjung Pinang Pusnerbal, Tuesday (6/8/2019 ).

Bambang said, CN 235 is an aircraft made by PT Dirgantara Indonesia that is able to record all objects on land and at sea level.

Besides during the day, the aircraft is also capable of patrolling into the night with the ability to fly for 9 hours without stopping.

"Using this plane is very possible to find victims, because every thing on the surface of the sea can be recorded properly," said Bambang.

According to Bambang, the CN 235 range is also very capable, because this aircraft is often used on sea patrols throughout the year in all parts of Indonesia.

Bambang hopes that the victims of the sinking ship will  be found soon, both survivors and those who have died.

"We pray, hopefully this mission can go well and all victims can be found under any circumstances," said Bambang.

As reported previously, KM Pieces, which departed from Pekalongan to the Makassar Strait to search for fish, sank in South Tanjung Waters, South Kalimantan.

The ship was found sinking 3 days later, because the danger signal transmitter inside the ship was allegedly damaged.

As a result of this incident, 4 people were declared dead and 3 survived. Meanwhile, 30 other passengers were declared missing.


Writer : Banjarmasin Contributor, Andi Muhammad Haswar

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