N-250 Gatot Glass, The First aircraft Made in Indonesia by Habibie Design

INDOZONE.ID - The N-250 aircraft, also known as the N-250 Gatotkaca, is the first aircraft made in Indonesia. This aircraft was designed and led by Mr. B. Habibie.

The making of this aircraft was led by Habibie when he became Minister of Research and Technology in the early 1990s. N-250 was produced by IPTN now called PT Dirgantara Indonesia.

The name N-20 itself turns out to contain a special meaning, N means Nurtanio or Nusantara, number 2 means double engine, and 50 means the aircraft is capable of accommodating 50 passengers.

This N-250 aircraft was first flown on August 10, 1995, which was then set on the same date as National Technology Awakening Day.

"The First aircraft Made in Indonesia by Habibie"

Source : https://www.indozone.id/fakta-dan-mitos/N4szOe/n-250-gatot-kaca-pesawat-pertama-buatan-indonesia-rancangan-habibie.

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