Leakage of CN235-220 Plane Prices Made by PTDI That Ordered by the Nepalese Military

BANDUNG, KOMPAS.com - PT Dirgantara Indonesia (PTDI) completed and sent a CN235-220 order from the Nepalese Army on Wednesday (10/30/2019).

With a carrying capacity of 48 passengers, PTDI made this aircraft with several functions that can be used for several missions.

Namely starting from reconnaissance, maritime patrols and the transport of armed forces.

In addition, some of the advantages of this CN235-220 Military Transport Nepalese Army aircraft can also quickly change configurations as needed.

As for transporting troops, VIP transportation, medical evacuation, civil passenger transportation, to cargo.

With these various functions, what is the price of one unit of CN235-220 aircraft made by PTDI?

"The contract value (purchase) is 30 million US dollars," said PTDI President Director, Elfien Goentoro on the sidelines of the ferry flight activities at the PTDI Fixed Wing Hangar, Jalan Pajajaran, Bandung City, Wednesday (10/30/2019).

Using the NIA scheme

Elfien continued, the CN235-220 Military Transport aircraft export program for the Nepalese Army was partly funded by the Indonesian Export Financing Agency (LPEI) or Indonesia Eximbank with the National Interest Account (NIA) scheme.

"Specifically for the Nepalese Army aircraft, its working capital is supported by LPEI with a value of Rp 207 billion," Elfien explained.
 The use of the NIA scheme from LPEI or Indonesia Eximbank is a special assignment from the Ministry of Finance of the Republic of Indonesia, to provide aircraft export financing.

Where LPEI or Indonesia Eximbank also supports PTDI in penetrating markets in Africa and South Asia.

Send to Senegal Elfien explained, the number of CN 235 aircraft in the world had reached 285 units. A total of 68 of them are made by PTDI.

"CN 235 aircraft made by PTDI have been used by South Korea, Malaysia, the United Arab Emirates and Turkey. Even CN 235 in Malaysia and Korea are used for Vice Presidents," Elfien said.

For next year, Elfien continued, PTDI planned to complete and send two CN 235 planes to Senegal.

"There is also the Indonesian Navy next year," he concluded.


Source : https://regional.kompas.com/read/2019/10/30/21055981/bocoran-harga-pesawat-cn235-220-buatan-ptdi-yang-dipesan-militer-nepal

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