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AMAZING..!! Republic of Indonesia Exports CN235-220 Aircraft to Nepal

PROKAL.CO, JAKARTA - In the midst of an uncertain global situation, PT Dirgantara Indonesia (PT DI) successfully exported CN235-220 aircraft to Nepal. One unit of CN235-220 Military Transport orders from the Nepalese Army (AD Nepal) is a realization of the contract that was signed on June 16, 2017.

President Director of PT DI Elfien Goentoro said the CN235-200 aircraft purchase contract reached USD 30 million, depending on materials, spare parts, and others. He said, Nepalese Army ordered CN235-200 with special specifications carrying 6 missions.

"According to the order, there are 6 functions requested by the Nepalese Army. Good for VIPs, paratroops, troops, medical evacuation, transport, and one for cargo, '' he said yesterday. Until the end of this year, the export value of PT DI for a number of countries is almost USD 60 million.

The production of CN235-220 Military Transport for the Nepalese Army is fully funded by the Indonesian Export Financing Agency (LPEI) or Indonesia Eximbank using the National Interest Account (NIA) scheme or the Special Export Assignment (PKE). "LPEI's support for PT DI is one form of strategy to show that Indonesian-made aircraft products are able to compete in the international market, '' said LPEI Senior Executive Vice President Yadi J. Ruchandi.

LPEI Executive Director Sinthya Roesly explained, the performance of national industrial exports is very important for increasing the value of the trade balance. For this reason, efforts are needed in increasing the value of exports, both in terms of export volume and export destination markets.

The production project of one CN235-220 aircraft unit is capable of absorbing more than 4,000 workers and involves various supporting industries, especially small and medium-sized businesses. "Going forward, this type of aircraft is expected to become one of Indonesia's flag carriers in the penetration of exports to markets in the South Asian region," he said.

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