PTDI Has Received 2 of 9 American Helicopters

WE Online, Jakarta - Bell Textron Inc. (TXT), a helicopter manufacturer from North America, and PT Dirgantara Indonesia (PTDI) celebrate the achievement of the delivery of the 70th aircraft from Bell to PTDI. This aircraft is the Bell 412EPI series which was one of nine aircraft orders from the Indonesian Army earlier this year.

Under the contract, Bell will send nine helicopters to PTDI which will then make adjustments before being sent to the Indonesian Army. To date, PTDI has received two of the nine helicopters in its operational office in Bandung.

The delivery of the Bell 412EPI aircraft to the two companies is an important milestone and proves a close relationship between the two companies. The 70th helicopter with the Bell 412EPI series has been operated by the Indonesian Armed Forces in various missions for more than 20 years.

"We look forward to working with PTDI in meeting the needs of the Indonesian National Army," said David Sale, Managing Director of Bell Asia Pacific.

Earlier, in 2016, Bell and PTDI signed an Renewal of the Industrial and Commercial Agreement which allowed the two companies to expand their support and services in Indonesia for Bell helicopter operators. In addition, PTDI manufactures tail booms, door assemblies, door poles, pylons, and ducts for Bell 412 and Huey II helicopters.

Since Bell was present in Indonesia for more than 50 years, around one hundred and ten aircraft are currently in operation. Bell in Indonesia has Bell's official service offices, certified maintenance facilities, and specialized engineers for customer service located in Jakarta.

Gatot Mulia Pribadi, PTDI's Vice President of Business Development and Marketing said, to bring in 9 helicopters the government has budgeted US $ 180 million. The advantages of Bell helicopters include low operating and maintenance costs. "This product can be used in various fields and is designed to withstand corrosion from seawater," Gatot explained.

Ibnu Bintaro, PTDI's Vice President Aircraft Sales, added that demand for helicopters in Indonesia has continued to increase in recent years. Since 2012 until now there have been an estimated 36 helicopters imported for the needs of the army and navy.

For the Bell helicopter, local content that has been certified, parts and raw materials made in Indonesia is currently around 16.8%. The level of local content will certainly continue to be increased when demand continues to increase.

"At least 50 units per five years. Later there will be negotiations because it shows a market that has very potential," lid Ibnu.

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