Dirgantara Indonesia (PTDI) said the Demand for Helicopters Continues to Increase

KONTAN.CO.ID - JAKARTA. Ibnu Bintarto, Vice President of Sales at PT Dirgantara Indonesia Persero (PTDI) said that the demand for helicopters in Indonesia has continued to increase in recent years.

He explained, if since 2012 until now, it is estimated that there have been around 36 helicopters imported for the needs of the army and navy. "Since Bell has been present for more than 50 years in Indonesia, around 110 aircraft have been produced and operated now," he said in Central Jakarta, Wednesday (11/27).

For the Bell shipment of helicopters, Ibnu said if some components of 16.8% were arranged in the country such as locally-certified ingredients, parts, and raw materials made in Indonesia. The level of local content, according to Ibnu, must continue to be increased along with rising demand.

"At least 50 units per five years. Later there will be negotiations because it shows a market that has very potential," said Ibnu

The most recent aircraft sent by PTDI namely the Bell-412EPI type has two Pratt & Whitney PT6T-9 Twin Pac engines. Based on press statements, this helicopter is able to lift loads during takeoff up to 5.3 tons. Meanwhile, the load carried by Bell-412EPI on flights of up to 3 tons.

This helicopter also has full engine digital control authority. On avionics, the Bell-412EPI carries a 4-axis flight control technology and a full glass cockpit instrument called the Bell Basix Pro Integrated Glass Cockpit System.

PTDI said, to bring in 9 helicopters the government has budgeted US $ 183 million or equivalent to Rp2.5 trillion. The advantages of Bell helicopters include low operating and maintenance costs. "This product can be used in various fields and is designed to withstand corrosion from seawater," Gatot explained.

Source : https://industri.kontan.co.id/news/dirgantara-indonesia-ptdi-sebut-permintaan-helikopter-terus-meningkat

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