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Aceh Buy 4 Units of N219 Aircraft Made by PTDI worth Rp 336 Billion

TEMPO.CO, Bandung - Acting Governor (PLT) Aceh Governor Nova Iriansyah signed a memorandum of understanding on the plan to purchase 4 N219 aircraft with Managing Director of PT Dirgantara Indonesia (PTDI) Elfien Goentoro, today, Monday, 9 December 2019. "This memorandum of understanding will soon turn into a contract. Of the four planes, one will be sent in 2021, and three in 2022, "said Director of PT Dirgantara Indonesia, Elfien Goentoro, in Bandung, Monday, December 9, 2019.

Elfien said, the N219 pilot aircraft named after President Joko Widodo by the name of Nurtanio was targeted to obtain a Type Certificata (TC) from the Ministry of Transportation later this year. After pocketing the certification, N219 aircraft will begin to enter the production phase. "Hopefully it does not shift," he said.

Elfien said that the text of understanding that would be the material of the contract did not merely contain the matter of purchasing the N219 aircraft. "What is expected from the Aceh government is the development of human resources, and the development of the operation of the aircraft itself. So this is part of an inseparable contract, which we will soon realize, "he said.

Elfien said that in the first phase, PTDI plans to prepare production capacity for 6 N1219 aircraft in the first year, before the capacity is gradually increased. "We have 6 existing facilities. So later it is planned to build facilities that can (produce) 36 aircraft per year, "he said.

Elifien said, besides Aceh, Papua had also seriously bought an N219 aircraft developed by PT Dirgantara Indonesia together with Lapan. The two provinces compete to be the first buyers of N219 aircraft. "Indeed, the Aceh government's request to be the first delivery, also includes the Papua regional government that has signed it. This became PT DI's target after producing the first one, "he said.

Commercial Director of PT Dirgantara Indonesia, Ade Yuyu Wahyuna, said that the N219 aircraft sales price for the Aceh government had exceeded 6 million US dollars per unit. "The payment scheme, we follow the source of the budget, namely APBA (Aceh Revenue and Expenditure Budget). There will be stages in accordance with the production progress, "he said, Monday, December 9, 2019.

Acting Governor (PLT) Aceh Governor Nova Iriansyah said, the text of understanding that was signed today, Monday, December 9, 2019, was an update of the text of understanding of the plan to purchase the N219 aircraft which was previously signed by Aceh Governor Irwansyah with PT Dirgantara Indonesia in Singapore in 2018. "We renew the MOU in 2018, because there are some things that must be adjusted to the latest conditions," he said, Monday, 9 December 2019.

Nova justified the purchase price of the plane through US $ 6 million per unit. The purchase will be paid multiyears with APBA, Aceh's government budget in two years. "Rp. 84 billion is more or less," he said.

Nova said that in 2022 the N219 aircraft was expected to be owned by Aceh. "If the ideal needs are, of course there are many. But we hope that in 2022 there will be 4 (units) first, according to the regional financial capacity, "he said.

He admitted, there had been a controversy over the plan to buy a plane by the Aceh government. Nova reasoned, accelerating the development of Aceh needs to develop transportation modes.
Aceh has an area of ​​59 thousand square kilometers. The distance of land vehicles can penetrate dozens of hours. Aceh, with a coastline of 2,600 kilometers, has not only reached land. "With a total of 180 islands. And of all the islands, 44 of them inhabited. The vast territory became a challenge, "he said.

He admitted, Aceh not only bought 4 N219 aircraft to build air connectivity, but also 3 units of RoRo ships to build inter-island shipping connectivity. "This year we ordered 3 RoRo crossings, from Bangkalan and Tanjung Balai Karimun, with the Aceh Revenue and Belanca Budget, or APBA. God willing, multiyears, a 2-year contract. In April 2020 we will receive it, "Nova said.

Nova said the first N219 aircraft to be received by Aceh would be used as a Flying Ambulance. "We in Aceh guarantee public health, even in remote areas. Yesterday we had to rent a plane, "he said.
The aircraft will also be used to oversee the Aceh region to prevent forest encroachment. "A lot of theft of our natural wealth takes place at sea, and illegal logging because the coastline is so long, the territory is so wide," Nova said.

Nova said, Aceh was also considering developing commercial aircraft transportation services for its citizens to support connectivity with the existence of 7 airports spread throughout its territory. "The most suitable pioneer aircraft for the geographical and natural conditions of the area was N219," he said

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