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PTDI will be handover 2 Basarnas order helicopters, BANDUNG — PTDI handed over the two medium intermediate helicopter AS365 N3 + Dauphin to the National Search and Relief Agency (BASARNAS), in a Rotary Wing PTDI hangar, Pajajaran Street, Bandung City, on Thursday (12/12).

The handover document was signed by President Director OF PTDI, Elfien Goentoro and head OF BASARNAS, Marsekal Madya Bagus Puruhito, who witnessed the vice Minister I OF SOE, Budi Gunadi Sadikin.

Handover 2 units of helicopter AS365 N3 + Dauphin to Basarnas in accordance with with the contract buying and selling No. 38/PPK-04/PERJ/XI/SAR-2018 MBKD 16 November 2018 between PT Dirgantara Indonesia (Persero) and the National Search and Relief Agency (Basarnas) which is completed the work precisely the term and will be carried out in accordance with with the target of the delivery realization, namely December 2019.

 "Previously, PTDI changed managed to hand over two units of helicopter AS365 N3 + Dauphin on MBKD February 18, 2014 and two units of helicopter AS365 N3 + dauphin on November 15, 2016, " said Elfien.

SAR Helicopter Medium Intermediate AS365 N3 + Dauphin Liquid Industrial cooperating products between PTDI with Airbus Helicopter, France. This helicopter Digadang-Gadang changed pric with SAR standards and lifeguards with a total amount of 170 Dauphin helicopters used around the world. The helicopter is equipped with a hoist to pull/evacuate the victim on the right side of the door.

PTDI said Elfien ready to fulfill the next order from BASARNAS, especially for the SAR helicopter, either from the AS365 N3 + Dauphin Course or other helicopters, as a form of cooperation with PTDI in development and development of Matra power of Indonesia.

He admitted that the existence of PTDI will be very the meaningful if Lot of products and services that it produces are utilized to the fullest by all institutions and state institutions in Indonesia.

 "With the release of CHNRD helicopter AS365 N3 + Dauphin, proved the seriousness OF PTDI to help fulfill the main tasks and functions of Basarnas in order to support enough to evacuate and help victims ", said Elfien.

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