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Basarnas receives 2 helicopter units for the evacuation process

PIKIRAN RAKYAT - National SAR Agency (Basarnas) received 2 units of helicopters that have been ordered from PT Dirgantara Nasional (PTDI).

The delivery of two units of helicopter was done in Lanud Husein Sastranegara City of Bandung on Thursday 12 December 2019.

According to the head of Basarnas Marshal Madya TNI Bagus Puruhito, with 2 units of helicopter is expected to increase Basarnas work.

"2 units of this helicopter will be used for the need and assistance to transport. It can also be used for transportation tools, can also be for medical evacuation,  "Call good quoted by from PRFM News.

Not only for SAR purposes, Bagus added, if this helicopter can also be used to help extinguish land fires in Indonesia just need an additional basket to accommodate water.

 "It can (extinguish the forest fires, the origin of the basket (basket) to bring water. But for this specialisations for search and rescue operations,  "the connection.

The helicopter is also equipped with the necessary Hois facilities for SAR operations.

This hois is useful for carrying evacuated victims in SAR operations.
Not only that, Bagus added, to the problem of completeness and operation system of this helicopter is already sophisticated.

Until today Basarnas already has 8 units of helicopters. According good it is good and ideally Basarnas should have 15 helicopters as supporting work.

"To the fore we have at least 15. Indeed we plan ahead in every year we add 2 helicopters to accelerate the SAR operation,  "he said.

The plan, later, will be spread over several regions in Indonesia. For helicopter problems will be set according to the potential natural disasters in the area.

"To the front in the Lens 2020 to 2025 we have also started to think of a fixed wing aircraft. Since Basarnas information last November was entered into the international SAR, we have entered Insarag members which means that at any time we can be sent to foreign countries, "he explained.

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