PTDI Awaits Certificate for Mass Production of N219 Aircraft

PT Dirgantara Indonesia (Persero) (PTDI) ensured the mass production process of the N219 aircraft was in accordance with the plan. Currently the red-labeled company is still working to complete the aircraft certification process.

"Plans after tc (type certificate) in the middle of 2020. We are in the direction of production preparation, hopefully according to the schedule," said PTDI President Director Elfien Goentoro met at the Parliament Building, Monday (02/02/2020).

"The first we promised, according to you, the Aceh Regional Government that we will deliver first," he added.

Elfien said the mass production of the aircraft, named Nurtanio by President Joko Widodo (Jokowi), would be carried out in stages. This is done so that the quality of the aircraft produced is as expected.

"The mass production target is gradual, from the start 4 we will deliver 2 first. After that 12 and move to follow the market, I think it is very big for Indonesia to reach 36 per year," he explained.

Elfien also explained that the N219 aircraft production financing scheme was open to investors who wanted to invest. Because the government budget is focused only on development.

"Now for the mass production business, we have to find investors, and it is open to both private and foreign private sectors. So indeed we make a separate SVP, and we explore several companies that allow for it. So it's not limited to the government budget," he said.

As for the budget itself, said Elfien, it depends on the needs of aircraft development.

"If our 12 planes need development funds, it might be around US $ 30 million, so that we can increase our capacity first so we can produce 12 per year. So 1 month 1," he said

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