Natuna Heats Up, PTDI Accelerates Development of Combat Drones

PT Dirgantara Indonesia (Persero) (PTDI) plans to develop combat drones that are useful for defense and security purposes.

PTDI President Director Elfien Goentoro said that his party is currently preparing a prototype for the manufacture of drones that have surveillance capacity. But in the future, he will continue to develop.
For example, drones can be used applicatively in combat to maintain security like in the Natuna Sea. Not only can monitor, but also shoot.

"We hope the target is no more than 2023. Hopefully we can accelerate. Including the drone that can shoot it, "Elfien said when met at the Jakarta Parliament Building, Monday (3/2).

To be able to realize this, he said, his party would partner with PT LEN for the development of the system and installation of weapons.
Meanwhile, PTDI will serve as a coordinator who integrates the system up to all components for the production of the drone.

"It was all divided into a consortium of duties. From there, only (we are working on it), "he said.

As for the total budget for the development of each combat drone, he said at least it requires Rp. 800 billion.
"The total budget for development until 2024 is 800 billion, for the next 5 years. That's the price for one product. The process was requested to be expedited. Earlier the head of the BPPT asked for additional air, "he said.

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