South Korea to Turkey, Aircraft Made in RI is Selling Overseas

Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia - Indonesia's presence in the aircraft industry is starting to be recognized internationally. This country's children's aircraft production is priced at Rp. 400 billion and has been ordered by several countries.

Rows of countries such as South Korea, Turkey, Malaysia, to the United Arab Emirates have lined up to get aircraft made by the nation's children.

Indonesian planes that began to be ordered by a number of these countries are, CN 235 aircraft that are the mainstay of PT Dirgantara Indonesia (Persero) (PTDI). There are two types of aircraft, namely CN 235-220 / MPA and CN 235-220.

Until now, the aircraft has been exported to various countries, including Thailand for the Royal Thai Police, Senegal with Senegal Air Force, Nepal with the Nepal Army. Especially for CN 235-220 types, PTDI has made 68 units out of a total of 285 units in the world.

The foreign country with the most orders is South Korea with 12 units, followed by Turkey with 9 units, then neighboring Malaysia is also not left behind by buying 8 units. United Arab Emirates bought 7 units. Thailand as many as 3 units, then there are Senegal and Nepal each as much as 1 unit.

The production process that is currently running is 2 units. One unit each for the Senegal Air Force and the Navy. Indonesia has so far used 31 units of this aircraft.

For domestic needs, in addition to the military, this type of aircraft is also projected for civilian needs. It is estimated that there are 177 domestic routes that could potentially use this aircraft, with the majority in the Eastern Indonesia region, which is as many as 132 units.

The Ministry of Defense indeed instructed PTDI to change the focus of the CN-235 aircraft, so that it would not only be developed for military purposes. This type of aircraft can be developed for commercial transportation.

"Must be developed. This (CN-235 aircraft) can be used commercially. The direction is there. For example for short-haul flights. In the eastern region such as tourist areas such as Labuan Bajo," Deputy Minister of Defense (Wamenhan) Wahyu Sakti Trenggono said this week.

Director of Dirgantara Indonesia, Elfien Goentoro, revealed that the price of CN235 sent to Senegal was sold at US $ 25 million or Rp 380.5 billion, and those sold to Nepal were more expensive at around US $ 30 million around Rp 400 billion due to different configurations.

Based on PT DI's aircraft assembly data, it shows positive things, for CN235 in 2012 there were only 3 units, then in 2019 there were 4 units, and in 2021 there were 6 units.

While NC212 in 2012 were 3 units, in 2019 there were 6 units, and in 2021 there were 6 units.


Chandra Gian Asmara

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