PTDI Takes Part In LIMA 2019 Malaysia, For Marketing Expansion And Increase Sales of Products And Services


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Langkawi, Malaysia, 25 Maret 2019 – Humas PTDI

Langkawi International Maritime And Aerospace Exhibition (LIMA) 2019 in Malaysia, will be officially held on March 26-30, 2019. LIMA 2019 will take place in two different locations, while at the Mahsuri International Exhibition Centre (MIEC) is for aerospace exhibitions and at Resort World Langkawi (RWL) is for maritime exhibitions.

PT Dirgantara Indonesia (Persero) (PTDI) will be participating in the LIMA 2019 Malaysia which held at the Mahsuri International Exhibition Centre (MIEC). PTDI regularly participates in this biennial event as an effort for marketing expansion and increase sales of various products and services that have been produced, such as CN235-220, NC212i and N219 Nurtanio and also Aircraft Maintenance, Repair, Overhaul (MRO) services. PTDI booth is located at No. A254, Hall A.

PTDI will sign the partnership agreement with several parties. On March 26, 2019, PTDI and Advanced Military Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul Center, LLC., (AMMROC) will announce plans to potentially work together on co-production and aviation maintenance, repair, overhaul and upgrade, that will open new opportunities for both companies and allow them to have the best customer support in Abu Dhabi.

By having this MOU, both companies will work closely together on multiple potential projects, ranging from the Aircraft Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul (MRO) services to manufacturing, fabrication, co-production and major modification installations.

On March 27, 2019, PTDI will give a Certificate of Completion and Certificate of Competent to Royal Malaysian Air Force (RMAF) in Rewiring Program for CN235-220 aircraft that manufactured by PTDI delivered in 1998 and 1999. In this Rewiring Program, PTDI conducts Transfer of Technology to customer as a cooperation between PTDI with RMAF.

PTDI will also give a Certificate of Competent to 17 engineers from RMAF that has been participating in Rewiring Program.

“Through this program, PTDI is expected to maintain the capability, keep the competency and airworthiness of the aircraft continuously. In Rewiring Program, we can assign the engineers to customer’s country, so that the work is done on-site,” said Elfien Goentoro, President Director of PTDI.

About PT Dirgantara Indonesia (Persero)

PTDI is a State-Owned Enterprise established in 1976, located in Bandung, Indonesia. The main products produced are aircraft, aircraft structure components, aircraft maintenance services, and engineering services. PTDI produces various types of CN235 with the type certificate for civilian passengers, cargo, rain-making, military transportation, maritime patrol, surveys and coastal surveillance, medical evacuation and even VIP.

Moreover, PTDI has also been able to produce various type of NC212i aircrafts equipped with by-order missions, such as: military transport, rain-making, maritime patrol, navtrain and medevac. PTDI is also able to produce aircraft in industrial collaboration projects, such as: C295 with Airbus Defense and Space (ADS), also helicopters with Airbus Helicopters both based in France and Germany in various types, also the collaboration with Bell Helicopters Textron Inc. in various types. PTDI in collaboration with LAPAN has successfully established the N219 aircraft and has successfully made its maiden flight on 16 August 2017, N219 Nurtanio aircraft is a passenger aircraft which able to take 19 passengers, with two turboprop machines which refer to CASR Part 23. The design process, testing, certification until the production process are all executed by Indonesian nation. The N219 aircraft has the ability to take off on a short and unpaved runway, so it can be the connectivity of inter-island, especially in Pioneer areas. 

For further information, please contact:

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PT Dirgantara Indonesia (Persero)

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