PTDIs 43rd Anniversary Celebration, From Social Activities to Open House to See PTDIs Aircraft


No. PTD / 009 / SP-HUMAS / VIII / 2019
Bandung, August 23, 2019 - PTDI Public Relations

Celebrating the 43rd Birthday of PT Dirgantara Indonesia (Persero), on August 23, 2019, after the implementation of the grand ceremony, the President Director of PTDI, Elfien Goentoro, made a blood donor followed by PTDI’s employees on the 1st Floor of Education and Training Center Building, PTDI, with mass circumcision for 43 children at Habiburrahman Mosque, Jalan Pajajaran No. 154 Bandung.

The commemoration of PTDI's 43rd anniversary will be held on Saturday, August 24, 2019 starting with the flag off the start of fun walk activities by PTDI's Managing Director, Elfien Goentoro, followed by Directors and PTDI’s employees and the general public by a route around the PTDI area.

The ceremony continued with the opening ceremony by PTDI's Director of Technology and Development, Gita Amperiawan and the signing of the Certificate of Life Cycle Analysis and the Declaration of Environmental Products by PTDI's Production Director, Muhammad Ridlo Akbar and the symbolic award of PTDI's fostered partners and 2 department heads in Bandung by PTDI's Finance Director , Ahyanizzaman.

PTDI distributed 1,000 free food packages to the local people symbolically by the Director General and HR, Sukatwikanto. The distribution of free groceries as a form of PTDI's social care to foster a sense of pride and belonging to the people.

PTDI's 43rd Anniversary is glorious with a culinary bazaar and various products, PTDI partner products exhibition and the Children's Entrepreneur Festival, where the children's entrepreneurship festival is held for the second time in Indonesia with the aim of introducing the world of entrepreneurs to children to be able to produce and market their own products.

Open House will be a rare opportunity for visitors who attend it. The visitors are able to tour PTDI's production area to see PTDI's aircraft directly, such as the CN235 Flying Test Bed, N219 Prototype Design 2, N250 and NC212i planes at the Apd Hanggar Fixed Wing KP II PTDI.

Visitors are allowed to capture photos while walking around the hangar and see the aircraft made by PTDI up close, the aim is to foster a sense of pride and hope that the aerospace industry can be more advanced.

Not only for visitors who attend the ceremony, PTDI employees will compete for strategy and cohesiveness in the lomba rakyat with a tug of war race, sack race, water relay and water paralon. For visitors who are interested to participate can register directly at the location of the event.

PTDI also presented the N219 Cockpit Demonstrator for the general public who wanted to feel the sensation of flying a nation-made aircraft, the N219, which is still undergoing a series of certification processes.

The best photographs of the world of aviation and the production process of PTDI products by photographers who are members of the Komunitas Fotografi Dirgantara (KFD) will be packaged in a Photography Exhibition around the main stage of PTDI's 43rd Anniversary event.

There is also a strategic industry exhibition that is participated by state-owned corporation incorporated in the National Defense and High Tech Industry (NDHI). The visitors are able to see superior products from PT Pindad (Persero), PT LEN Industri (Persero), PT Dahana (Persero), PT INTI (Persero) and PT PAL Indonesia (Persero).

In the evening, visitors will be presented with the entertainment of the Kethoprak Mbeling Rekso Budoyo performance with the "Suminten Koplak" play at the PTDI PKSN Auditorium. We invite all people to participate in attending the 43rd anniversary of PTDI.

About PT Dirgantara Indonesia (Persero)

PTDI is a state-owned enterprise established in 1976, located in Bandung, Indonesia. The main products produced are airplanes, aircraft structural components, aircraft maintenance services and engineering services. PTDI is able to produce CN235 aircraft equipped with missions according to configurations including: transport, cargo, paratroopers, medevacs, maritime patrols and even the VIPs.

In addition, PTDI is also able to produce NC212i aircraft which can also be equipped with various missions on order, including: military transport, artificial rain, maritime patrols, navtrain, including Medevac. PTDI has also been able to produce aircraft that are the result of industrial cooperation, among others: CN 295 with the Airbus Defense & Space (ADS), as well as helicopters with the Airbus Helicopters both based in France and Germany in various variants, as well as the Bell Helicopter Textron in several variants.

PTDI is collaborating with LAPAN which has successfully built the N219 aircraft and conducted the inaugural flight test of the N219 aircraft on August 16, 2017. The N219 aircraft is a passenger aircraft with a capacity of 19 people with two turboprop engines referring to CASR Part 23 regulations.

The design process of the N219 aircraft since the test, certification until the series production process later is carried out is the work of the nation's children. N219 aircraft have the ability to take off on a short runway that was not prepared so that it would be a supporter of inter-island connectivity, especially in the Pioneer region.

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