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PTDI and Aceh Government Signed MoU of the Procurement of N219


No. PTD/015/SP-HUMAS/XII/2019

Bandung, December 9, 2019 – Public Relations of PTDI

PTDI President Director, Elfien Goentoro and Aceh Governor, Nova Iriansyah signed the MoU on Procurement of N219 Aircraft, also the Human Resources Development and the Operation of Aceh’s Air Freight. This signing was held in the Plenary Meeting Room, 9th floor, PTDI Management Center Building, Jalan Pajajaran 154, Bandung. The signing of this MoU is a follow-up evaluation of the previous agreement, made in year 2018 to achieve the realistic conditions that can be reached in the year 2017-2022.

The Aceh Government is interested in buying 4 (four) unit of N219 aircrafts with the configuration of passengers, cargo and medical evacuation, as well as the cooperation in developing Aceh's human resources in the aerospace field, by first undertaking a joint study between the Aceh Government through the Department of Transportation and PTDI, as part of the preparation N219 aircraft operation independently by utilizing PTDI competencies.

PTDI and Aceh Government also worked together in preparation for the operation of the N219 aircraft in Aceh by utilizing the competencies of PTDI. After signing this MoU, PTDI and the Aceh Government will conduct a joint study of the plan to procure N219 aircraft and the development of Human Resources and the operation of Aceh's air transport.

The discussions regarding technical and non-technical aspects of procurement of N219 aircraft will be held after the issuance of the N219 Type Certificate by the Directorate of Airworthiness and Aircraft Operation (DKPPU), Ministry of Transportation of the Republic of Indonesia.

"It is hoped that the N219 aircraft will soon be able to optimize its function by Aceh Government, to serve people in Aceh, as well as encourage and increase accessibility and economic growth in the Aceh region," said Elfien Goentoro, President Director of PTDI.

The N219 Nurtanio aircraft is a passenger aircraft with a capacity of 19 passengers with two turboprop engines which refers to CASR Part 23 regulations. The idea and design of the aircraft were developed by PTDI with program development carried out by PTDI and LAPAN.

The N219 Nurtanio aircraft was basically developed to meet the needs of national air transportation in pioneer areas, and the N219 Nurtanio aircraft could be used for a variety of needs, such as passenger transportation, goods transportation and air ambulances.

N219 Nurtanio is designed according to the needs of the community, especially in pioneer areas, making it easy to take-off and landing on short runways and not perfectly prepared.

The N219 Nurtanio aircraft which on August 16, 2017 has conducted its first flight test, until now is still undergoing a series of certification testing. The certification process is an important process to guarantee security and safety, since it will be used by customers and the general public.

The N219 aircraft will be produced in stages. Initially 6 units will be produced using the existing production capacity, and followed by running the automation system in the manufacturing process, the delivery capability will gradually increase to 36 units per year.

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Headquartered in Bandung, Indonesia, PT Dirgantara Indonesia (Persero) is one of the indigenous aerospace companies in Asia with core competences in aircraft design and development, aircraft structure manufacturing, aircraft production and services for both civilian and military of light and medium turboprop aircraft. Since established in August 1976, under the auspices of the Ministry of State Owned Enterprises, we have successfully developed and grown our capability as an aerospace industry by delivering more than 400 units of aircraft to many customers all around the globe.

Our top-notch products are NC212i and CN235. We also have the other collaboration project with Airbus Defense & Space for C295. Besides, we have another collaboration project with Airbus Helicopters for various kinds of helicopters and Bell Textron Inc. in producing the tail boom, door assembly, door post, pylon and ducts for the Bell 412 and Huey II helicopters. Other than that, PTDI and Bell Textron Inc. are having another intense collaboration to do joint sales & marketing for the Bell 412EPI, customization, as well as maintenance. By now, we are currently developing a light turboprop aircraft independently, named N219, which is suitable to be operated in remote areas and also fulfill the needs of pioneering aviation.


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