PTDI Inaugurates "Srikandi" Toddler Development Center


No. PTD/020/SP-HUMAS/VII/2022

Bandung, July 18, 2022 - PTDI Public Relations

President Director of PT Dirgantara Indonesia (PTDI), Gita Amperiawan and Director of Finance, Risk Management and Human Resources, Wildan Arief inaugurated the PT Dirgantara Indonesia "Srikandi" Toddler Development Center located in the PTDI Polyclinic Building. Wahana Bina Balita has a Daycare facility which is also a Playgroup and Kindergarten specifically for children of PTDI employees. The event was also attended by the Heads of PTDI Divisions as well as Managers and Teachers / Caregivers / Professional Personnel who will later manage and run the Daycare.

The name Wahana Bina Balita "Srikandi" was given by the late Mrs. Ainun Habibie and the purpose of reactivating this Daycare is to make it easier for Employees to leave their children around the Company, as well as provide education and learning processes both through Playgroup and Kindergarten, with adequate facilities, so that it is expected to ensure the comfort and safety of babies and children who are entrusted and the peace of work for Employees.

In the initial stage this daycare can accommodate around 50 children, in the future with maintenance and development of facilities it is expected to accommodate up to 200 children of PTDI employees.

"This is actually the idea of the late Mrs. Ainun Habibie's ancestors, and all the good values of Mr. Habibie and Mrs. Ainun must be preserved, because we are the successors of his ideals, therefore the first thing I say is the gratitude of the Board of Directors to Mrs. Henny Purwono and all the Teachers who have wholeheartedly helped realize this Daycare is active again after 2.5 years of suspension due to Covid-19. Secondly, the name Srikandi actually tells how the activities of Dharma Wanita PTDI (formerly IPTN) at that time, but now what I ask is that PTDI employees, especially those who have children, not only entrust their children, but also build this Daycare into a good, healthy and educative Daycare according to the age of our children, therefore the name Srikandi now reflects how our employees are able to build a good PTDI Daycare. This daycare is from us to us, so this company must rise, this company must return to glory, this company must advance, and all depends on how we have dedication to this company." Said PTDI President Director, Gita Amperiawan.

The Daycare has an Operational Permit for Daycare from the Regional Office of the Department of Social Affairs of West Java Province, a Permit to Establish and Operate a Kindergarten from the Office of the Department of Education and Culture of Bandung City, an Accreditation Certificate from the National Accreditation Board with an A (very good) accreditation rating, an NPSN (National School Principal Number) Certificate, and a Permit to Establish an Early Childhood Education Unit (PAUD) from the Investment and One-Stop Integrated Services Office of the Bandung City Government.

"I want mothers and fathers who entrust their children here to work calmly and work as much as possible for the Company, that is the purpose of the Company building Daycare in the Company area. I want to provide the best for the children of PTDI employees, so to all PTDI employees I ask for their participation in building this Daycare, I also ask that with this Daycare employees can show their best performance for the Company that we love, because if this Company advances then all our facilities will be much better." Gita Amperiawan said.


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