Holds First Meeting, PTDI Strengthens Togetherness to Achieve 2023 RKAP Target


No. PTD/003/SP-HUMAS/III/2023

Bandung, March 02, 2023 - PTDI Public Relations

PT Dirgantara Indonesia (PTDI) held its first Work Meeting in 2023 with the theme "Facing The Challenges & Reaching The Goals Together", which took place from March 1-2, 2022 in the Basement Meeting Room, PTDI Management Center Building, Bandung.

The Working Meeting was attended by all Directors and Heads of PTDI Divisions, Deputy President Commissioner of PTDI, Bonar Halomoan Hutagaol, as well as Assistant Deputy for Manufacturing of the Ministry of BUMN RI, Liliek Mayasari and President Director of PT Len Industri (Persero), Bobby Rasyidin as the Parent Holding Defend ID who attended virtually.

With the implementation of this Working Meeting, it is hoped that in the future a stronger togetherness can be formed, both from the Board of Directors and echelon 1 to 3 officials in achieving the 2023 RKAP target. As stated by the Assistant Deputy for Manufacturing of the Ministry of BUMN RI, that the PTDI Board of Commissioners and Directors must be committed to realizing sustainable growth by strengthening business and operational integration, as well as accelerating financial transformation.

"There are 6 (six) tactical directions for PTDI in carrying out the 2023 RKAP, namely increasing collaboration and implementing integrated governance, as well as accelerating the organizational transition program towards strategic holding; financial transformation to support sustainable business growth; digitization and improvement of business processes, implementation of operational excellence, and implementation of effective and efficient production management; implementation of human capital excellence; mastery of key technologies, as well as strengthening the research and innovation ecosystem; and improving better services for users, "said Liliek Mayasari, Assistant Deputy for Manufacturing at the Ministry of BUMN RI.

On this occasion, Bobby Rasyidin, President Director of PT Len Industri (Persero) as the Parent of Holding Defend ID also expressed several concerns about the challenges that will arise in 2023, including Global Challenges on how the industry can remain sustainable when facing geopolitical dynamics and a global recession which will then more or less have an impact on contracting economic growth in Indonesia. In addition, there are Social Challenges, where the industry must be able to anticipate the many changes that may occur in determining the direction of state policy, including the TNI Minimum Essential Force (MEF) Phase III Strategic Plan, which currently has many positions absorbed. Likewise, the Internal Challenges that exist within PTDI, both in terms of operations and human resources.

For the Board of Directors and Management of PTDI, new strategic ideas / initiatives are absolutely necessary so that the Company is able to face every challenge and achieve the 2023 RKAP target. Spirit and optimism are fundamental things that must be possessed by all PTDI people in order to realize a strong team work, so that it can realize breakthroughs in solving every problem, as well as the formation of the same business vision and awareness to lead to mutual success and prosperity.

"On this good occasion, representing PTDI Management, I would like to express my appreciation and gratitude to all parties who have made maximum efforts in implementing the 2022 RKAP. This year, our targets and achievements have increased, so we must have optimism to move forward. And don't forget some important things that we must focus on in 2023 are problem solving oriented, strengthening social engagement and increasing customer satisfaction, "said Gita Amperiawan, President Director of PTDI.


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