Increase Cyber Resilience, PTDI Strengthens Cooperation with BSSN


No. PTD/004/SP-HUMAS/III/2023

Bandung, March 15, 2023 - PTDI Public Relations

As an industry where all aspects of business and operations are inseparable from the touch of technology, PT Dirgantara Indonesia (PTDI) prioritizes information technology on every device in managing and controlling all program / contract activities running in one computer network. In addition, PTDI also has many public services related to the internet, such as the company's official website, customer relationship management website, as well as the company's official social media @officialptdi and DIgital mobile apps which have great potential for cyber crime, so collaboration is needed to deal with these risks.

PTDI and the National Cyber & Crypto Agency (BSSN) in 2019 signed a Memorandum of Understanding to work together in the field of cybersecurity, and today, Wednesday, March 15, 2023 located in Ops. Room Lt. 1, PTDI Management Center Building, Bandung, the cooperation was again strengthened by the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding on the Protection of Electronic Information & Transactions signed by PTDI President Director Gita Amperiawan and Head of BSSN Hinsa Siburian, as well as a Cooperation Agreement (PKS) on Improving Cyber Security Capabilities at PTDI signed by PTDI Production Director Batara Silaban as technical director in charge of information technology functions and BSSN Director of Industrial Cyber & Password Security Intan Rahayu.

Cybersecurity is a challenge that needs to be a common concern in order to protect computer-based devices and data belonging to companies and personal employees in them from unauthorized and unexpected access, illegal data changes, and other potential damage.

"PTDI as a defense industry sector must always anticipate cyber attacks to secure the organization's business processes. Many cyber incidents have occurred in the global industry, such as ransomware at Boeing in 2018 which caused disruption to the engine automation production process and sensitive data leakage incidents at Airbus in 2019. DI-CSIRT is expected to be able to form a safe and conducive PTDI electronic system, so that it can support PTDI to become a turboprop market leader in the Asia Pacific region," said Komjen Pol. Luki Hermawan, Deputy Head of BSSN.

On this occasion, PTDI launched the Dirgantara Indonesia Computer Security Incident Response Team (DI-CSIRT) to provide cyber security services to information and communication technology assets and infrastructure as one of the pillars of dealing with cybercrime or cybercrime, which of course will affect organizational performance and performance.

"With the launch of DI-CSIRT, it is expected that cyber incident teams and agents in each organizational device can carry out their duties according to their functions and monitor the security of their respective information / data confidentiality. This team is very important for minimizing and controlling damage caused by cyber incidents, being responsive to effective recovery, and preventing future incidents, so we would like to thank BSSN and all the teams involved," said Gita Amperiawan, President Director of PTDI.


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