PTDI Holds Cheap Ramadan Food and Providing Orphan Companionship


No. PTD/007/SP-HUMAS/IV/2023

Bandung, 15 April 2023 – Public Relations PTDI

On April 14, 2023, coinciding with 23 Ramadhan 1444 Hijriyah, PT Dirgantara Indonesia (PTDI) held a cheap Ramadan grocery to underprivileged communities around the company. Cheap food packages were symbolically handed over by PTDI President Director, Gita Amperiawan and Husein Sastranegara Village Head, Sudirman to representatives of underprivileged residents in collaboration with Husein Sastranegara Village, Bandung City at the PKSN Building of PTDI Production Area II, Jalan Pajajaran No. 154 Bandung.

Cheap food packages containing 5 kg of rice, 1 liter of cooking oil, 1 kg of granulated sugar are sold for IDR 50,000. In the afternoon, the proceeds from the sale of cheap Ramadan groceries were handed over to orphans from Rumah Yatim Indonesia Sukajadi Bandung and orphans assisted by the Habiburrahman PTDI Grand Mosque.

The distribution of cheap food packages and compensation for orphans is still in a series of Ramadhan Fair and Edutainment events where starting at 08.00 WIB, students from SMAN 4 Bandung and SMAN 6 Bandung and orphaned children are invited to tour the PTDI production area using the Bandung Tour On Bus (Bandros) to see the production process and aircraft made by the nation's children, such as the N250 aircraft, CN235 Flying Test Bed aircraft, N219 aircraft and PUNA MALE "Elang Hitam".

"We interpret this Ramadan with various activities that hopefully can provide benefits not only for PTDI employees but also the people of Bandung, this is the second week we are carrying out Ramadhan Fair and Edutainment is a social activity for MSMEs which of course during Covid is quite heavy, we provide Ramadhan Bazaar as a form of corporate charity to MSMEs in Bandung. We also provide opportunities for Bandung City students to see how the PTDI aircraft industry is, we provide education to them, we provide visualization of aircraft, furthermore we instill a love for the aircraft industry, hopefully what we are doing today can motivate them to become our successors at PTDI and also this nation, "said PTDI President Director, Gita Amperiawan.

President Director of PTDI, Gita Amperiawan expressed his hope that the orphans will be more active in worship, not leaving prayers, not breaking fasts, and increasing other religious activities, and must study seriously so that they can become people who have a future and knowledge according to the promise of Allah Subhanahu Wa Ta'ala to elevate the degree of the knowledgeable.


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